Convergence is your primary resource for Alternative Asset Manager Research

Convergence is a firm that specializes in providing students and Alumni with research reporting for the Alternative asset management industry. This primarily includes Hedge, Private Equity, Real Estate, Venture Capital and Structured Asset firms which number over 7,000. There our over 50 unique career opportunities in this industry and Convergence can assist you in mapping your major and interest levels to those appropriate areas. This data will help you to identify firms, and provide you with data points that will differentiate your preparation for internships, full time opportunities and networking. Individual research reports can be accessed and will provide you with a synopsis and a unique set of quantitative and qualitative data points about each firm.

Convergence’s data on each firm combines public information from SEC filings with peer practices and productivity benchmarking, providing a snapshot that is unavailable in the market today. This is a tool that undergraduates and alumni can use to identify and evaluate firms in the industry. Clients that use Convergence data include asset managers, fund administrators, audit firms, financial technology firms, investment management consultants, prime brokers, custodians, investors, compliance firms, recruiting firms, colleges/universities, and individual research.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to research the entire alternative Registered Investment Advisor universe
  • Access to research on the infrastructure that provides services and governs the industry
  • Easy identification of firms and contacts for networking and career opportunities
  • Access to distinct facts about firms, providing you with an informed advantage
  • A level of transparency not available through company websites and general research

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Access these reports now for $79.99 each

There are 6 easy steps to purchase a report:

  1. Filter your selection by any of the following: Firm Name, City, State, Investment Strategy, AUM
  2. Select the Firm(s) you wish to purchase a report for. You can purchase multiple reports at once.
  3. Add Reports to Cart
  4. Click “View Cart” to review your order and proceed to Checkout
  5. Complete Checkout process with credit card or PayPal
  6. Once your purchase is complete, your reports will be automatically sent to the email address that you provided

The Convergence Manager Profile Report is delivered in its “full and final form” and is based on the information that Convergence obtains from an Advisor’s Form ADV. Convergence makes no representation to the accuracy of an Advisor’s data or to any derivative calculations Convergence creates using this data to benchmark Advisors.

Reports purchased before 12:00pm EST will be delivered to the buyer on the same day. Any purchases after 12:00pm EST may be delivered the following day.

All sales of Convergence products and research are final. No exchanges or refunds are available.

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