To fill the risk-inherent void of not measuring complexity, Convergence has created a unique, original analytic product that will empower every industry player who has a stake in managing risk with a tool to take advantage of critical information.

Advisor Complexity Profiles creates a first-ever benchmarking of the level of complexity in an advisor’s operating model – including its delta over time.

Our service drills down into operations, technology, and human capital to distill data into distinct complexity factors. The result is one of six Complexity Profiles that identify the level of organizational complexity and potential risk.

Measuring and benchmarking complexity factors allows a view beneath the surface – where unknown, unseen risks pose the greatest threat to the advisor, their clients and service providers.

Our Advisor Complexity Profiles Service sources core data, measuring an advisor’s risk and complexity, enriches it through the firm’s proprietary technology and deep operating expertise, and creates an invaluable analysis, empowering you with original and actionable insights about operational risk levels.

Our enhanced data becomes a compelling scorecard providing you with a competitive advantage for making intelligent, informed decisions. Because of the contextual narrative of each Complexity Profile, you can apply our observations to help with manager selection, pricing optimization, allocation strategies, and much more.

Understanding complexity and measuring it relative to other advisors creates the opportunity to mitigate it, control it and to exploit the knowledge of its existence.