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CMDX Daily ADV-Brochure Filing Changes

These are EVENTS that trigger opportunity and discussion. It is refreshed DAILY and is based on Regulatory filings and daily parsing of the internet. All items can create an opportunity for Business Development, new relationships, increasing scope of services provided, a bird’s eye view of service provider infrastructure by Manager and bringing an operational alpha discussion to the Manager. Start your free trial now!

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Are you a college/university undergraduate
or Alumni interested in researching the
Alternative Asset Management Industry?

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Citibank Hedge Fund Administration Exit

See Convergence views and observations

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Fund Expense Practices Analyzer Service

Convergence announced the launch of its Fund Expense Practices Analyzer service. The product is based on expense disclosures sourced from over 10,000 registered investment advisors that are normalized, categorized and grouped by manager type, primary investment strategy and size. It provides empirical data that gives Advisors and Investors a view on common and uncommon expense disclosures and their use by advisors and peers.

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Convergence provides unparalleled data driven insights into today’s
Registered Investment Advisor marketplace.

Our information is complete, verifiable and independently sourced.

CMDX-Daily ADV-Brochure Filing Changes

Stay current on daily changes taking place inside the world of alternative asset managers that matter the most to you. Get access to daily data and events that will drive client discussions, prospecting, business development, organic growth and alert you to events that impact operating risk. Start your 30-Days of Free Access Now! Learn more

See list of new Advisors named

See list of new Funds/Fund types

See Total FTE – Investment and Non-Investment reported staffing changes

See primarily CEO- CFO – COO – CCO changes

See Regulatory – Criminal – Civil infractions filed

See Audit firm named for new funds

See Administrator named for new funds

See RAUM reported changes

See named Administrator changes

See named Audit firm changes

See Custodian named changes

See Prime Broker named changes

See Marketer changes named


Are you a college/university undergraduate or Alumni interested in researching the Alternative Asset Management Industry?

The Utility of the Database

Advisors utilize Convergence data, analytical products and advisory services to understand how their headcount, activity levels and practices compare to peers. Our information is complete, verifiable and independently sourced.

Service Providers (Administrators / Auditors / Financial Technology Providers / Compliance Providers / Investment Management Consultants / Banks) utilize Convergence data, analytical products and advisory services to create and execute a differentiated product offering with great emphasis on client data and prospect targeting and segmentation.

211Fund Investors use our comparative benchmarks to enhance their operational diligence reviews.

Recruiting professionals use our rich contact database to enhance internal databases and augment research.

Colleges and Universities use the Convergence database to give students the ability to research internships and career opportunities in the Alternatives industry.

Individual Subscribers use the Convergence database to identify distinctive qualitative and quantitative aspects of an Advisor that is fast, comprehensive and current.

The Convergence Opportunity

Best Practices

  • Essential to cost reduction, governance and compliance and managed growth
  • Convergence highlights best in class practices in the marketplace
  • Best Practices is key as infrastructure costs at Managers is currently $20bn and growing 20% annually

Structured and Enriched Data

  • Today’s RIA data is fragmented and generally available in an “unstructured” fashion
  • Data can be enriched to provide peer group analyses around numerous subject areas
  • Data combined with Subject Matter Expertise is powerful and will lead to “Best Practices”
  • Convergence structured data applied across our Manager Databases creates revealing observations on the Manager and infrastructure

Data with a Results Orientation

  • For Managers, our data translates to Infrastructure alpha generation
  • For Service Providers, our data translates to client growth, market segmentation and prospect targeting
  • For Investors and Consultants, our data translates to valuable Operational Due Diligence input
  • For Individuals, our data translates into differentiated conversations and research

100% of Form ADV & Brochure data is captured, normalized, enriched and converted into actionable information and is made available to the user via our online portal. This is generally reference and statistical data presented in a peer group setting

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Our Data Products are designed to convert information into actions. Products are generally comparative data points and benchmarks.

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Our Advisory Services are designed to help clients operationalize opportunities identified by our information and analytical products.

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